Bad Breakups = Good Photo Shoots

Recently, a close friend of mine found herself in a pretty lousy situation, having just ended things with a long time boyfriend. So I checked in to see how things were. This lead to talks of an impromptu shoot, which she explained was just what she needed to get her mind off things. How could I say no?! Ended up in a hotel room overlooking the beach with another model and photographer. It was magic! Still editing the photos though, but here's one of my favorites from the night. First time going in-depth with the retouch work, but I think it came out pretty premium.

Walking & Drinking: The Best Combination

A few weekends back I was graced with the opportunity to shoot for Pacific San Diego Magazine. The event: Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl, through Pacific Beach, sponsored by Samuel Adams Brewing Company. The event was "dope" (inside joke) and It reminded me of the days working for Red Bull - Oh how I miss it. Met tons of cool people and ran into some old high school classmates. All-in-all, good shit PSDM! Check out some of the images below.

Sororities: Wild'n Out Yet Classy

Huge shoutout to Alpha Xi Delta Sorority's Theta-Rho (CSUSM) chapter for hosting a dope formal and allowing yours truly to capture it all. Although I would have been stoked to shoot at any sorority's formal (beautiful confident women gettin' wild'n out), I was especially excited to attend this one from a different perspective. Knowing many of the girl from this organization helped for them to get comfortable in front of the lens right off the bat and have fun with it. Thanks again ladies! Check out a few shots below.

Here's to the Weekend

These past few weekends have been pretty routine for me, so I'm especially excited for this one coming up. I'll be shooting a pretty classy event this Saturday: Alpha Xi Delta's, Theta-Rho sorority formal. Some of my funnest times in college were at this annual event. It'll be quite the experience to see things from the other side now. Here goes nothin'. 

Imaginary Sunsets

Today has been one of those lackluster days. Came over the hill pumped to see my favorite view as a send off before I went out tonight. Of course the usual view was subpar. So, I took a photo and then went home and edited it. We're the only ones who can create the reality we want.